Toric Alignment by Osher

Precisely and confidently align toric lenses intraoperatively

Software developed with Robert H. Osher, MD for improving the accuracy of toric lens alignment using digital iris fingerprinting

“I’ve been using iris fingerprinting for accurate toric alignment for a decade and I still use this affordable and reliable technology today.”Robert H. Osher, MD, Cincinnati Eye Institute

“We looked at digital options for increasing accuracy for toric alignment and we chose Toric Alignment by Osher.”Arthur J. Weinstein, MD | Eye Associates of New Mexico
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Dr. Osher’s iris fingerprinting technique improves accuracy with intraoperative alignment of toric IOLs

Capture a detailed image of the eye preoperatively. Choose unique landmarks and specify the desired alignment axis on the image. Refer to the printed image during surgery to accurately align the toric lens.


Preoperative photo acquisition

Photos of the dilated iris are captured during the initial preop examination. The easy-to-delegate user interface enables this stage to be handed off to support staff to maximize workflow efficiency.


Intraoperative functionality

High resolution photos captured with an 18 megapixel digital SLR offer the clarity required to see the unique structures of the iris through a surgical microscope. Bring hard copy print-outs to the OR to locate target meridian through surgical microscope.

Simple and digital

The process is simple from start to finish. Digital landmarking is not a new method for toric alignment. Our fully digital solutions makes Dr. Osher’s technique accessible to all doctors currently doing or looking to do toric implants.


Enter target meridian for implant

Enter target IOL and then select pupil center to place target meridian.


Select unique iris landmarks

Locate at least two unique landmarks such as crypts, nevi, brushfields, etc. These will be used to accurately triangulate the target meridian with a Mendez guiding ring.


Use landmarks to locate target meridian

During surgery, use the landmarks as guides for the Mendez guiding ring to accurately mark the target meridian for the Toric IOL.


Simple and easy to use software can be accessed from any workstation

The software can be accessed from any workstation in the office. The hard copy printouts are taken to the OR to assist in improving accuracy when aligning toric IOLs.

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Digital iris fingerprinting can improve the accuracy of aligning toric implants

Photographs of the dilated pupil can be captured during the initial preop examination. The Toric Alignment by Osher software can be applied to the photo from any workstation in the office after the initial photo capture.