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Integrated image-based measuring software

Easy-to-use software for enhancing data validation from slit lamp photos

Developed with Dr. Ike (Iqbal) Ahmed, University of Toronto, Slit Lamp Image Metrics provides a new level of accuracy for data validation. Our technology captures objective, repeatable metrics for for clinical, research, and even for legal documentation purposes.


Objective measurements

Providing the best care and most critical research findings requires accuracy in evaluating information. The competitive edge comes when the data can be verified with up to 4 micron accuracy.


Surface area measurement

Measuring the actual area of surface pathologies is a new, superior method of documentation. Unlike simple linear measurements, surface area more accurately captures the complexity of two-dimensional shapes. This is particularly important when multiple observers are involved since bare width x height dimensions are much more open to interpretation.


Magnification detection

Have confidence when comparing measurements in images. The slit lamp magnification is stored with the photos so measurements are given in real-world units (not pixels). This provides accurate evaluations and comparisons between photos taken at any magnification.

All the information is secured on day one and can be assessed at any time



Share medical information with multiple doctors from any workstation

Our slit lamp photos contain all the information necessary to make better decisions and monitor treatment outcomes. The data can be measured and assessed at any time after the initial photo capture. This gives the flexibility to chart and assess data outside of the exam lane. All the information is captured into every photo. Confidently manage complex cases by maximizing your available data.


Easy and reliable validation

Manage disease and improve validity of studies through objective data. This is a method for taking a photograph and utilizing the available information to mine for more data. Improving the information available to professionals should improve outcomes.


Improve intra-observer reliability

The information validity is persistent over the slit lamps various magnifications. The easy-to-delegate photography will be tempting for both resource and time management. All the information for image metrics is captured at photo capture with up 4 micron accuracy at 40x magnification of the slit lamp.

Improve accessibility to information and improve treatment outcomes

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