Slit lamp imaging designed to enhance eye care

The EC series slit lamp imaging devices deliver professional results at any experience level. Designed to reduce the time and steps required for acquisition and sharing. Eye Photo Systems uses the latest technology to provide doctors with the best results possible. The EC series is an evolution of slit lamp imaging technology.

Slit lamp imaging

Slit lamp imaging

Slit lamp imaging with a digital SLR camera and synchronized flash delivers superior results


With supercharged SLR performance and stunning high-resolution image capture, we offer slit lamp imaging designed to perform. Share with your patients and other professionals with technology that reflects the eloquence of your expertise.

Superior quality


  • Latest camera technology
  • 18 megapixel
  • 30fps 1080p video

Toric Alignment by Osher

Image metrics



Our slit lamp photos contain all the information necessary to make better decisions and monitor treatment outcomes. The data can be measured and assessed at any time after the initial photo capture. This gives the flexibility to chart and assess data outside of the exam lane. All the information is captured into every photo. Confidently manage complex cases by maximizing your available data.

Key research tools


  • Up to 4-micron accuracy
  • Improved intra-observer reliability
  • Surface area measurement

Imaging in your office

On-site training

On-site installation and training are included with our equipment. In-person training for up to five personnel offered at the time of installation.

Image review

Practicing doctors can take advantage of an image review. We evaluate captured images for overall quality and technique. We then offer recommendations to improve performance for the practitioner and their staff.

EHR integration

When an office is looking for a seamless integration, patient data is pulled into the image capture database to avoid double entry. From there, photos can be stored on the provided computer or off-loaded to an image management system.

Remote support

Secure web access to the equipment allows for quick technical assistance. We can perform software updates, provide training, and trouble-shoot problems remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Digital-ready” slit lamps from the major manufacturers are compatible with our imaging devices. A simple way to determine if a slit lamp is “digital-ready” is by identifying the (gallilean-style) magnification drum. If you send us the make and model of your slit lamp we will happily clarify if it is compatible.

Our experience is that workflow integration is critical to maximizing the value of imaging in an office while maintaining efficiency. How it fits into your particular practice depends on your current workflow and your anticipated uses for imaging. Sometimes it is best to have the camera in-lane, other times it is better to have an independent testing station. Contact us to find out what solution is best for you.

We offer a one year warranty on all items we provide with your order. An extended warranty plan is available if you wish to have additional coverage outside of the warranty period.

Yes you can. We network the device throughout the office and the images can be brought up on any workstation. This is offered at no additional cost per workstation.

It sure can. This is one of the features our clients appreciate the most. Not every company does their own software in-house and can provide the level of integration we can. This seamless approach smooths the integration of imaging into practices of varying sizes.

The system can cost between 9995 and 39995. This is largely dependent on the office requirements and if the compatible slit lamp is available. Contact us and we will happily provide a quote for your office

We can set up an online demo that takes you through the various technical aspects of the imaging device. A short 20 minute demonstration will provide you with a thorough overview of the features.

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